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Table of Contents

  • The Gods

    1. The Gods of Light
      1. Amaranth - Messenger of the Gods, Dragonkeeper of Light
      2. Daos - Creator of Angels and Souls
      3. Ellvryn - God of Youth, Lord of Spring
      4. Gaena - Spirit of Freedom
      5. Isolde - Keeper of Hope, Source of Compassion
      6. Ilynna - Goddess of Wisdom, Patron of Scholars
      7. Ryvais - God of Truth
      8. Trianna - Goddess of Innocence, Child of the Dawn
      9. Trylin- God of Love, Charity

    2. The Gods of Balance
      1. Azhure - Nature, mother of all
      2. Drazhad- Keeper of Death, Gatekey to the Underworld
      3. Daelnor- God of Battles, Patron of the Warrior
      4. Golon- God of the Forge, Father of the Dwarven Race
      5. Jazryth- Mistress of Passion and Desire
      6. Khalith- Lord of the Sea, Brother to Kharra
      7. Kharra- Lady of the Four Winds, Sister to Khalith
      8. Lemuel- God of Wildlife, the guide, Patron of Rangers
      9. Riala, Rei, Rwin - The Muses of Poetry, Prose and Painting, The Maidens

    3. The Gods of Dark
      1. Adreinn- Messenger of the Gods, Dragonkeeper of Dark
      2. Daethorn- God of Vengeance, Bringer of Wrath
      3. Erilinnon- Child of Loneliness, Keeper of Shattered Souls
      4. Ile- Mistress of Shadows, Child of Twilight
      5. Ixyltryxl- Lord of Nightmares, Master of the Demi-planes
      6. Krivlarik- Lord of Chaos, Master of the Void
      7. Kyron- God of Mischief and Intrigue, The Trickster
      8. Nehkaras- God Pestilence, Lord of Corruption, Cacophony
      9. Rakath- God of Greed and Gluttony, Idol of the Horde

  • The Realm

  • The Races