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God of the Forge, Father of the Dwarven Race

I am Golon, the god of the forge. I joined my voice in the song of Creation and molten rock burst out from the air and water that was Kythandria. Mountains took form and volcanoes roared their existence in a fury of lava and heat. I am Golon, the song of the earth. The dwarves are my children, strong and unyielding like the mountains from which they were formed; to them I give my blessing... love of gold and mastery over the forge. I am Golon, patron of the blacksmith and the jeweler. I watch over those who find their calling forging tools from my metals and fashioning my rough stones into glittering gems and see they use my creations well. My voice guides the earth still.

Symbol of Golon: An Anvil and Hammer

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