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Mistress of Passion and Desire

I am Jazryth. I am the flame that burns in your heart and soul. Whatever your passion, it is mine, whether that be anger, sorrow, joy or love. I am the source of your deepest desire, those emotions that make you clench your teeth in want, to reach out in desperation, to bargain your soul away... they feed the flame that is my essence. Some think me the goddess of lust but they debase me wrongly. For I am more than a mere passion of the flesh, the craven desire to possess another's body, I am also a passion of the mind and soul. The burning desire to have, to take, to keep, to own. Some confuse me with my brother, love. Again they are wrong. For while love seeks to give,I seek only to receive. Desire for its own sake, passion for passion. The want to have all the world's pleasures, all passions and desires within your grasp, who needs more noble goals than this?

Symbol of Jazryth:  An Open Mouth

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