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Riala, Rei and Rwin

Muses of Poetry, Prose and Painting, The Maidens

We are beauty unrealized. We are the yearning of the heart, the voice echoing in thy ear. We are the force that revels in thy crafting. We are the ethereal will behind thy toils.

Riala ; the maiden of summer, matron of the wandering minstrel who travels distant roads when the land is warm and comforting and scent of blossoms fills the air.

Rei ; the maiden of autumn, Lady of the Lay, friend of the bard who sits underneath the oak tree, leaves of crimson and saffron becoming the blood of fallen heroes and golden dragons in the parchment beneath his furious hand.

Rwin ; the maiden of winter; she who guideth brush over canvas... shivering fingers in a frost-filled room scribbling furiously on canvas, soul warmed only by inspiration. In a burst of colour the white winter canvas is transformed... hope of spring.

We are the Sisters of Inspiration Eternal.

We are the whispers thee believes is thy own. The fever of creation that cannot be ignored.

We are the Maidens, the Muses; thy unseen benefactors upon the Mists.

Symbol of the Maidens: Three Trees Entwined Together. One filled with blossoms, one filled with red and yellow leaves and one bare.

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