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God of Mischief and Intrigue, the Trickster

I am Kyron of mischief and Intrigue. Tricks I play on mortal man, the innocent farmer who finds his sheep running loose and his gates open, the sweet goose girl with her skirt blown high, the regal scholar slipping on the wet library floor... my laughter rings mockingly in their souls. I am the whisper in men's ears that makes them look at their fellow man with suspicion and mistrust, stirring thoughts of tomfoolery in their minds where there was none before. My discordant song sings of petty pranks and little evils, of rumors and whispered false secrets. My guidance helps the nimble hand as it reaches into a belt pocket filled with gold. Follow me and add a bit of spice and trouble where there was none before.

Symbol of Kyron: A Velvet Hand

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