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Nature, Mother of All

I am Azhure, the epitome of Nature. From the tiniest insect to the tallest tree, all living things come under my care. The very elements themselves cannot form part of the land without obeying my word. Like a snake that bites its own tail, all of Nature is a cycle. I seek neither to enhance nor detract from the realm; ice barren wastelands are no less important to me than the lush forests or exotic jungles everything has its place in the great circle that is life. The land cannot live without the harshness of the sun, or the storms that make the rain . Evil is the shadow of good as good is the light of evil. Everything is balance, a delicate scale that must be carefully guarded and and kept level lest it is tilted too much either way and all be destroyed.

Symbol of Azhure:  The Worm Ouroboros

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