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God of Wrath and Vengeance

I am Daethorn, god and embodiment of wrath and vengeance. I am the blood rushing through your heart and pounding in your ears, I am the whisper that gives steel to your words and force to your blows as you strike down your foe. I am the driving hatred that consumes you, possesses you, takes you in its grasp and swallows you whole, till you are nothing more than pure anger, wild as a feeding wolf, free as the onslaught of a rushing storm. You will be my puppet, my slave, your mind clouded by the lust of rage and revenge. And when you awaken it shall be in a pool of blood, having destroyed without thought, killed without compassion... ruined homes, positions and lives without remorse. Come and taste the delicious wine of wrath, let the desire for vengeance poison your soul. An eye for an eye, a life for a life; what could be more just?

Symbol of Daethorn:  A dagger covered in blood.

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