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The First Age: The Song of Creation

In the beginning, for there must always be a beginning, all was silence... The void of eternity.

Then from the darkness came a whisper and this whisper grew, resounding throughout the emptiness that was the universe. This myriad of echoes took form and shape till they became a whirling vortex of sound and sense. The vortex brought forth self-awareness, and wisdom; skill, and purpose. It opened paths, making reality possible. And from within this chaotic vortex emerged Daos.

All was silent once again.

Daos saw the darkness and heard only the whisper of chaos, filled with loneliness, he began to sing. The music was pure and true, a thing of beauty, filled with longing and desire and love. The universe heard his song and hearkened to it, giving the song life and material being.

Thus the first of the gods were born, conceived of the song of Daos. And as each god took form they added their own melody to the chorus, weaving their own patterns into the fabric of the song. From Daelnor came the song of battle, the mighty cry of a warrior's honor. From the song of Trylin came love, adding richness and meaning to the chorus. From Azhure came nature, songs of brown earth and verdant forest. Ilynna's music was more ancient than the universe itself, for her song was the song of wisdom. Each sang their vision of a realm filled with all these things and thus they came to be, created from the weavings of the song.

From the song of a thousand years a single sword came into existence. And with that sword Daos forged the realm and gave it life.

And the realm became known as Kythandria.

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