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God of Battles, Patron of the Warrior

I am Daelnor, the mighty blade of War. I am the trumpeting of the horn that calls an army to battle at the light of dawn, the force behind a soldier's valor... a Warlord's thirst for combat. My cause serves neither dark nor light... I hold no preference but for the clash of weapons, the heat of blood. Mortal against mortal, kingdom against kingdom, good against evil... all serve my end. My voice is t he cry of the fearless paladin as it is the roar of rage of the orcish horde; I am the solemn oath of an honorable knight... and the merciless knife of a duergar footsoldier. Wherever mortals come to resolve their conflict not through words but through weapons, there you will find me. I am Daelnor, patron of the warrior, God of Battles.

Symbol of Daelnor:  A knight in unmarked armor

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