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Table of Contents

  • The Very Basics

    1.Knowing Who You Are - Typing the word "score" or the world "worth" allows you to see all the relevant information about yourself.

    2.Moving Around - Typing certain "directions" will allow you to walk in the appropriate direction. Each time you move you use up movement points set on how difficult the terrain is to traverse.

    3.Roleplaying - There are two abbreviations that explain the main aspects. "IC" (Meaning In Character) and "OOC" (Meaning Out of Character) define the two states you are in while in the realm.

    4.Communicating - There are 3 main ways of communicating to other players in the mud. "Say" allows you to talk to players, "emotes" allows you to do actions and "socials" allow you to carry out pre-written actions like a hug.

    5.Looking Around  - The command "look" allows you to look at rooms, yourself, players objects and containers.

    6.Giving and Getting - Certain commands allow you to "give" and "get" objects, armor or equipment.

    7.Doors and Keys  - You may sometimes need to "open doors" to be able to go to certain places such as inside houses.

  • More than the Basics

  • Advanced Newbie Information