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Table of Contents

  • The Basics

  • More than the Basics

  • Advanced Newbie Information

    1.Results of Leveling  - When you gain a level you will be automatically granted a certain number of "trains" and "practices." By using these trains and practices at your "guildmaster" (there are several in town) you can train your "attributes", practice skills or spells you already know or "gain" new skills.

    2.Advanced Combat: Spellcasting - Spell casters are divided into three different categories. Magi/Spellfilchers cast spells, Clerics/Paladins commune spells, and druids/rangers summon spells though all can use "C <spellname>" for simplicity. Before you can cast a spell, you must practice it. The more you practice, the higher chance you have of success when casting. Casting spells costs mana.

    3.Describing your Character  - Your description is made up of two parts, your "long description" which is what people see when they look at you and your "short description" which is what people see when you walk into a room.

    4.Defining your Character  - Your "history" defines your character, proving to us that you have put some thought into your character and his/her development, and it also gives us an indication of your role-play ability. Once your history is submitted you become a letgained character.

    5.Letgain - A "letgained character" is one who is formally accepted as part of our world. Once letgained you are no longer a transient visitor but part of this strange world of gods and monsters. You have thought of a character for yourself and a past that brought you to your destiny. You have explored the mud sufficiently and have finally decided to join the continuing lore of Darkening Sun.

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