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Long Description:

Your long description is what people see when they 'look' at you. A long description is generally four to eight sentences in length. Below are a few rules of thumb that should be kept in mind when creating your long description:

1.Use color in moderation.  If you use too much color you will be asked to take it out.

2.Do not put actions in your description. 
Ex: Draw daggers, whistle or bow etc.

3. Do not put personality traits or emotions in your long description,  such feelings as sorrow/joy and traits of charisma/intelligence. These are best roleplayed out.

4.Do not tell your character's life story. 
Ex: She wears an heir loom that was given to her by her great grandmother.

5.Do not include objects or clothing in your long decription.  When your character dies they loose all objects and clothes on them.

6. When mentioning eye color  if any, prefix it with "When awake, his eyes...." When your character is alseep a player looking at you cannot tell what eye color your eyes are if your eyes are closed.

7. Do not tell the reader to perform, feel or action something merely from looking at you.  With long descriptions as with all other aspects of roleplaying it is up to the player to decide how he or she reacts.
Ex: "You cringe in horror before this draconian."

8. Follow the race guidlines  (see: gameplay, race) and read the general help file if you are confused on what your race looks like.
Ex: If you are human you are not ten foot three and have wings.


You see a large male draconian, with pale colored scales cresting along his body. Each scale shimmers in dull reflection of the light, and collectively form a tough layer of protection. An intricate pattern formed by the scales appears to swirl as he moves, giving the impression of slithering rather than walking. The hard bone points on the wings of this draconian rise arrogantly above his broad shoulders. This, combined with sharp claws at the end of each sinewed arm, makes for a ghastly first appearance. A hard bone, about the length of a finger, extends from the center of his forehead.

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