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Requirements of Letgain  - You must have already written your long description, submitted your history (help History) and preferably have filled up your RP-Sheet (help RPsheet). A fully filled out RP sheet is now optional and any extra efforts made in this respect will be duly noted and rewarded.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Letgain  - As part of our realm you are allowed certain privileges such fighting and stealing from other players on DS. You may also choose to be part of a Kingdom. On the xp side, you receive extra experience when killing mobs. On the other hand by allowing yourself to become a part of the realm you can also be killed by another player.

Reminder  - Please be reminded that you cannot go past level 30 until you are letgained though you will still receive roleplaying experience points.

How to Get Letgained  - Do Not approach immortals directly with your request. Instead, ensure that you have fulfilled all the pre-requisites in order to be letgained and use the requestletgain command to alert the immortals of your intentions.

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