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Each character is made up of 10 attributes. These are:

Primary Attributes

1.Strength (St)  - The ability to use your muscles to their greatest advantage. Race plays a large determination in the real strength of your character.

2.Quickness (Qu)  - The measure of your reflexes and reaction time..

3.Presence(Pr)  - The ability to control your own mind - courage, bearing, self-esteem. It plays a major role your ability to influence others.

4.Intuition (In)  - The combination of your luck, genius, precognition, ESP, and favor with the gods.

5.Empathy (Em)  - The measure of your relationship to the all-pervading force that is common in all things natural and supernatural. The strength of your soul.

Developmental Attributes

6.Constitution (Co)  - Your general health and well being, resistance, and overall durability. Note CO is not as important on ROM muds.

7.Agility (Ag)  - Your manual dexterity, and litheness.

8.Self Dicipline(Sd)  - The control of your mind over your body, concentration, steadfastness, and inner strength. Your ability to go on despite hardship.

9.Memory (Me)  - Your ability to retain knowledge and what you have previously encountered and learned.

10.Reasoning (Re)  - Your ability to absorb and comprehend, as well as to use your knowledge to draw conclusions. Memory and Reasoning combined would be generally considered a reflection of intelligence therefore affecting things like practicing.

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