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Table of Contents

  • The Basics

  • More than the Basics

    1.Equipping Yourself  - In equipping yourself you need to know two things, what you have (your inventory) and how to buy and sell your possessions from a shopkeeper.

    2. Armor and Equipment - The commands hold, wear and wield will take an object from your inventory and start using it as equipment. Hold is for light sources, wands, and staves, Wear is for armor and Wield is for weapons. You can also remove your items. Note that you may not be able to hold, wear, or wield an item if its alignment does not match yours, if it is too heavy for you, or if you are not experienced enough to use it properly.

    3.Simple Combat System - When fighting a mob you initiate combat by trying to kill it. However, once you start a fight, you can't just walk away from it. If the fight is not going well, you can attempt to "run away" by fleeing or recalling.

    4.Leveling - Levelling is the process by which a player advances in power by gaining experience. You can gain up to 90 levels with level 91 giving you hero status.

  • Advanced Newbie Information