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Short Description:

A short description is what people will see when they walk in the room. To be eligible for a short description, you will have to have been letgained. Short description requests are made at the same time as requests to be letgained. Below are a few rules to of thumb follow in making your short description:

1. Your short must have your race in it.

2. Must show your gender.

3. No eye colour is allowed (simply because eyes are closed when sleeping). (this is to prevent the appearence of messages such as "a tall elven woman with green eyes is asleep here")

4. A short description cannot include information about your behaviour or how you react to a particular player.

5. No clothing in a short description since that is seen in your equipment list when someone looks at you and also when you die, would cause your short to be incorrect.

Example of good short descriptions: 
"A tall and slender male elf"
"A dark-skinned woman with flowing black hair"

Example of bad short descriptions: 
"An intelligent elven lady is here."
Reason: not everyone can tell if someone is intelligence merely by looking at them.

"An slender elf with sea-green eyes"
Reason: you cannot see someone's eye colour when sleeping or praying.

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