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It might be quickly assumed that the pain of the broken arm was the major deterrent, although one would not be entirely correct. While Yosha is not one to seek pain out, she has never been overly afraid of a scrape or a bruise, or even a more serious injury. The real problem was that there was no healer in Green Cove, and the broken arm took quite some time to heal, during which time it prevented her from swimming, climbing, and in general, curtailed most of her explorations and childish adventuring about the lake and cove. This was not a satisfactory state of affairs in Yosha's mind, and she has become a bit more cautious since then.

Deep or unknown waters also cause a moment's pause to Yosha, who otherwise quite enjoys splashing about and swimming. Several years ago, while exploring a new corner of the lake, one of the water's denizens became attracted by her diminutive size and sparklingly irridescent wings. After nearly becoming dinner for what turned out to be a rather large fish, Yosha is now extremely cautious when it comes to deep or murky waters. She also enjoys a good plate of fish now and thenů

Yosha's tiny size managed to cause her trouble not only with a large aquatic beast, but occasionally among her companions in Green Cove. As mischievous as the next faerie, Yosha delights in silly pranks and surprises, although her goal is never intended to cause harm or damage. Her small stature allowed her to hide in all sorts of places, and managed to frighten one of the community's most respected members, Tshemis, so badly on numerous occasions that he demanded she wear a bell as penance. Jingling about the cove, Yosha was not best pleased, but was indeed unable to sneak up on her neighbors with any ease.

During her penance, a number of unfortunate occurrences took place. Although none of them was ever traced back to Yosha specifically, most of the community's inhabitants were fairly certain she was the source, some with a sly grin and others a bit more ruffled. While some of the more minor incidents (such as the stinkweed sprouting up around the communal well and the sudden appearance of a swarm of large moths over Tshemis' home) were on the whole overlooked, the transformation of Green Cove's resident cat from an orange marmalade to a purple furred feline did cause a bit of an uproar.

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