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Yosha, the faerie

In the early morning of a cool and rainy autumn day, a faerie tiny even among her own kind was born beneath the brilliantly blue blossom of a climbing vine. Like the flower that sheltered her, this tiny faerie, Yosha by name, was strikingly blue, with glistening ultramarine hair, pale blue skin that sparkled like the early morning dew, and a pair of bright blue-violet eyes to match.

Yosha, who has always been more than a bit superstitious, took this as an auspicious sign and continues to hold a soft spot in her heart for blazing blue morning glories to this day. As with her affinity to the flower, she favors autumn, with its crisp, cool air, and even takes delight in rainy days, often to be found splashing in puddles with childish glee. Being the superstitious type, she is always pleased to stumble across a four-leafed clover, doubly so because of her perceived connection between herself and these not-quite-normal clovers. Yosha was born with only four digits on each of her limbs, four toes, and hands with only three fingers and a thumb. This has never bothered her particularly, as she has simply come to the conclusion that four is a lucky number (as evidenced by the clovers), and in specific, it is her lucky number.

Her earliest years, indeed, most of her life thus far, was spent in the tiny faerie community of Green Cove, a lush patch of land nestled into a quiet forest along the coast of a vast lake. Green Cove offered a cozily safe environment in which to mature and begin to explore the world around her. Its arboreal setting and close proximity to the lake provided ample opportunity for a curious faerie to 'adventure' in.

And curious Yosha has always been. No stone was left unturned, no nook or cranny untrod, no tree unclimbed, no depth unplumbed. Regardless of what might seem mundane to another, Yosha has always been (and likely always will be) easily fascinated by anything new, from a swatch of fuzzy moss to a sparkly stone to a tuft of feather down to a dust devil, and the list goes on and on. She inevitably picks up most anything not nailed down, although has always had an affinity for natural objects over man-crafted items. Other than the sheer luck of finding a four-leafed clover or a blue morning glory, nothing gives her greater joy than to discover some sparkly tidbit hidden in the sand or amongst the leaves. If it catches the light and seems to pose no great threat, Yosha won't hesitate to snatch it.

This was not always the case, although Yosha did learn not to leap before she looked when she was fairly young. She has never forgotten the time she broke her arm by causing a small rockslide in her efforts to free a scintillating stone embedded in the side of a bluff.

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