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Kaela, the wood-elf

Kaela Red-oak was born to cleric parents in 1221, in the small south-eastern village of Willow-Downs. Willow-Downs was a fairly peaceful village, all told. The people were friendly, the food was good, and Kaela was welcomed in nearly every home, since the age she could crawl.

Her parents were strict but loving, offering Kaela everything she needed, and nothing that she "wanted". In this manner, they taught her the values of moderation, budgeting, and respect. White was the only color of clothing she was allowed to wear, and after a few years, she grew to love the Spartan ways of a cleric-in-training.

In her fourteenth year of life, she was finally allowed to begin training as a cleric by acquiring the basic spheres of Protection, Death, and Healing. She still remembers a time when she would smile to the sunrise, welcoming another day under god's heaven.

Strangely enough, however, Kaela's parents never shared with their daughter the identity of their chosen god, leaving Kaela without a focus when her world crashed down upon her.

One fine spring morning, Kaela's day began like any other. She slipped out of her bedroll, and was busy tucking it away in a wall-cubby when she heard the first of many explosions.

She ran into the common room of her family's house, avoiding flying bits of wood and burning embers. Her mother grabbed young Kaela, casting a spell of invisibility on the girl. Kaela's mother gave Kaela quick instructions to hide, and warned Kaela not to come out until she was absolutely sure it was safe to do so.

Just as her mother finished speaking, Kaela's father stumbled in, bleeding heavily from a gut wound. Kaela heard her mother scream for her to hide, but could not move. She was frozen by shock. Her father fell near her mother, releasing his grip on his wound. Kaela could only stare as her father's guts slipped noisily out of his ragged abdomen and onto her mother and the floor.

Within moments, armored men rushed in upon Kaela's defenseless parents, gutting them and mutilating them in front of her. By some miracle, Kaela remained undetected, but to this day, she despises having Invisibility cast upon her.

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