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She sat in the charred remains of her village for two days, lost in shock, and would have sat there longer still if a voice from the gods hadn't spoken to her. It was cold; the early spring rains were falling, putting out still-glowing embers and sending up a cloud of wood-scented mist. The spell had worn off long ago, leaving Kaela clearly exposed, sprawled amongst the blackened skeleton that had been her home.

She stared blankly into space, thinking nothing as the rain fell down upon her shoulders. She shuddered once, shivering, as she heard a voice that sounded as though every creature in the land raised their voices in speech.

"Rise up, Child," The voice spoke. "Rise and bury those you loved. Now is a time for action; their souls must be placated! Do not fear, Child, for we gods are with you."

She looked up at the sky, now, praying silently that the gods should let her die, the god spoke again, firmly. "We will not allow you to die now. We have plans for you." The god's tone softened, becoming almost motherly. "A grievous wrong has been done here to you, but it was not without reason. There is balance in all things. For every good, there must be an evil. Do you understand, Child?"

Kaela merely responded by turning towards the rising sun, and nodding.

* * *

For the next two years, Kaela lived in the forest among the creatures, only returning to her village to forage and tend to the dead. She knew no prayers, and so, simply made them up. The gods didn't seem to mind, and smiled upon her, making the sun shine less brightly, so that she could work in the hot summer.

She never spoke, save when she prayed, and even then she did it quietly. At the end of her second year, Kaela had located, and buried, every last member of her village. She looked at her handiwork, a tired hand resting on her hip: Rows upon rows of graves, each with a wooden marker. Examining the graves one last time, she turned on her heel, and wearing nothing more than the rags on her back, began the trek northwards into territory unknown.

* * *

Kaela's one life goal is to bring balance where-ever she goes, and work to help those less fortunate than herself. Watching her family die has desensitized her to the evils of violence, and few suspect the small child playing with her toy near the fountain as a fierce warrior. She understands that others will expect a certain behavior from her, and so she complies. As she has said before, while glaring at someone with death in her eyes, "I may be young, but I am no Fool."

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