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  • Life in the Realm

    3.Race - Role playing has several different facets to it. In terms of your character, you are described by several different categories one of which is your race. Race plays a big part of what your character is. Many of the races of Darkening Sun speak a language native to them though all know common (human).

    If you choose to play an orc, and nobody you know speaks orcish, will your character try to learn another language to communicate, or will it instead consider everyone else the ignorant party? Race also plays a factor in who you consider a potential ally, or enemy. Does your character carry any biases? If you are an half breed race (half elf, or half orc) do you harbor any ill will toward one-half of your parentage? Or both? All questions worth considering.

    4.Class - Not only is your character marked by race, but by class. Your class will dictate what gear you may use. If you look at someone else and see them wearing the heaviest armors in the realm, they are not likely to be a mage. Likewise, most warriors would not be dressed in only robes. Also, beyond gear, the skills you choose are also class dependant. For example, everyone can learn to dodge, but if you find a new player in the realm, and see them dodging well in a fight, that might clue you into the fact that they might be either a warrior or rogue. The level at which you can gain a skill depends on your class, and the skill in question.

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