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Game Summary

Welcome to Darkening Sun. This file is for new players, and for long time ones too. For those that do not know what Darkening Sun has to offer, this will be a very useful document to read. It will give you an idea of where Darkening Sun is, where it is going, and how you can fit in with everyone who already has the jump on you. For more experienced players, it will serve to remind you of a few things you might have missed, or could use some brushing up on.

  • System

    1.Dynamic Mythos - The Immortals of Darkening Sun are constantly updating and changing the game. A story line is being followed, and from time to time, major events in Darkening Sun history occur. Some times new zones are added, other times zones are rewritten to reflect what has been going on. Other changes can occur based on player interaction. Through roleplay, everyone has the potential to help craft the story line of Darkening Sun.

    2.Magic System - Under the Darkening Sun magic-system, spell casting classes have a much greater control over what spells they learn. Gone are the days of being guaranteed a certain spell simply by gaining a level. Now, each spell caster chooses different spell Spheres and Realms that dictate what spells will be available during their character's life.

    As you gain experience, other spheres and realms can be gained to increase your character's spell casting ability. When you reach a new level, a series of random checks are made to see if you learn a new spell. The higher your level, the better chance you have of learning it. Technically, it is possible for a second level mage to learn acid blast, but that would be a rare case indeed!

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