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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:How do I level? 
A: You level by gaining experience points.This can be done in two ways. First is by roleplaying with other players and gaining experience every few minutes. Second is by killing the various monster (mobs) that reside in the realm. Most players do a bit of both.

Q:Where do I level? 
A: There are many places to fight monsters and gain experience in the realm. A list of areas as well as their recommended level is available by typing "area list."

Q:Where do I find things to kill? 
A: Once you have decided which area you want to explore you can ask other players for directions. If you are below level 20 and below you can also visit the Newbie Guide who will lead you to good low level areas that you can explore. Lastly, you can explore on your own. Be warned however that not all areas are safe and some monster may attack you before you attack them!

Q:What is this RPxp system? 
A: The Role Playing Experience System (RPXP) is a system coded into DS to enhance and reward roleplaying. It enables enable characters to gain experience by communicating with each other. In other words, by merely using says and emotes your character can rise in level.

Q:I'm hungry/thirsty what should I do? 
A: Like in real life if you must eat or drink. Food and drink can be found or bought throughout the realm. There are also fountains from which you can drink (simply type "drink fountain"). Typing Eat <food name> will allow you to eat this food if it is in your inventory. Though you cannot die from not eating or drinking you will get tired and collapse much faster.

Q:I'm tired what should I do? 
A: Again like in real life you must sleep, preferably in a place where you are safe. Sleeping regenerate hit points, movement points and mana faster then when you are awake. Remember that unlike eating or drinking if you do not sleep after a certain amount of time, you will collapse from exhaustion. Certain spells also may also be used to revigorate a tired character.

Q:How do I learn spells? 
A: Once you have the required realms and spheres to learn a spell (these can be gained at your guildmaster using training sessions) there are 3 ways to learn spells. First is by gaining in level, second is by studying the spell from a scroll and third is by asking a player who already knows the spell to teach you; the third method has the greatest chance of succcess. Typing cspinfo <your class> will bring up the list of spells you can learn as well as the spheres and realms required before you can learn them.

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