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Q:How do I learn skills? 
A: Skills may be aquired at your guildmaster Once there type "gain list" to see which skills you can gain, what level they can be used and how many training sessions are needed to acquire the skill. The gain list To gain a particular skill, type gain <name of skill>. You should then practice the skill to increase its chance of succeeding when used.

Q:What's the difference between IC and OOC? 
A:C and OOC are terms used to separate game play. IC means In Character. While in character you are an actor/actress in a play and the realm is your stage. You must roleplay your character's lifestyle, mannerisms and traits. OOC is the term given for out of character. Commands such as the ooc channel, score, worth and things that pertain to the character you have created that are not considered part of the IC realm.

Q:Who,where and what is the Newbie Guide? 
A: A man called Jerakh Runehammer is your official newbie guide. He's an explorer and knows most of the places to fight low level monsters to gain experience. To find him go to the Bryanth Town Square then walk south once then east once (type: S then E). Say the word "directions" and he'll give you a list of places to go. Look at the list and say the name of the place you want to visit (ex. say garden of live flowers).

Q:What is recall and how does it work? 
A: Recall is a prayer that transports you from where ever you are back to a common reference point such as the Town Square in Byranth, the forest sanctuary or the dirty Black Cobblestoned plaza in Keratch, depending on your alignment, class and race. Remember when using this prayer, you will loose half your movement. It may not always work in some nonrecall places or rooms or while you are cursed.

Q:Where is my guild? 
A:Your guild can usually be found on the maps already in your inventory when you enter the game. To see type look map or look byranth or look keratch. There are a few exceptions however. Those being the guilds found in the forest sanctuary and those more shady guild or secret guilds. If you can't find the guild you belong to you may ask ICly (In Character).

Q:I've died, what do I do now? 
A:Normally when you die, you will find yourself in a peaceful glade. This is the inbetween place till you return. To return type stand and then type down. This will probably take you back to your recall point. To recover your body, you will have to go back to where you died and retrieve your items off your corpse. However there are some occasions where you may not be strong enough to retrieve your corpse. In such cases the best idea would be to ask for help from another player (rememeber this must be done In Character). I.e.I've died a horrible death, will you help me retrieve my meager belongings?

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