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Uth Malthornas

<An old man sits by the fire of the tavern telling a tale to those who would listen>

In the times of my working days I had numerous companions come and go, it did not worry me for I was in it for the money yet there was one companion whom left me in the most unusual form. I thought I would feel the same when he left but the night of his death just keeps on striking back into my mind, they say as times pass you usually forget or move on from this sort of thing. The old man shook his head and fell silent and then carefully in a whisper "Never be left forgotten." The old man composed himself, wiping a tear from under his cheek and softly continued his story;

Asamire looked around the burnt out temple, he shivered at the sight of this desecrated temple that appeared to be devoid of any life of faith or mortal. Endless bones of various humanoids covered the floor with ash, the scent of there death still smelt strong.

Looking up from the bones and ash covered floor Asamire called to his companion. "What are we looking for again Jacabe?"

His companion a human in his thirties draped in robes, continued to sift through the temple carefully overturning anything that might be covering what he was searching for.

"A book, why do you ask?" yelled Jacabe in reply to his elven companion all the while not looking up from his searching.

"I just wish you would hurry up, this place is giving me the creeps," retorted Asamire with a shrill in his voice.

Jacabe now stopped his search and looked up he had never seen his companion as shaken as this. "You believe in the curse of this place? I tell you I have been to numerous places with so called curses relax there are none, it is all myth" Jacabe stated whilst returning to his search.

"You know for a fact it's not the curse that gets me edgy but the whole story revolving around this temple, Kyron's temple and how his members were sent to death for treason. Surely the story appears strange to you?" asked Asamire.

Jacabe stopped and looked up at Asamire "you are right, this story is a strange one very strange, although I wasn't old enough to witness it most know of it."

<continue the tale....>