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The Arcane

A single order survives without owing allegiance to any kingdom, an ancient order that existed before rulers laid claim to the land. They are simplycalled the Arcane. Their home is called the Halls of Dweomer, a single tower that stands atop a golden hill surrounded by a black lake. Magic is inexplicably strong within this place though legend has it that Amaranth'slair is within the hill and Adreinn slumbers at the depths of the tarn.


Loyalties: Not all mages join the Arcane, in fact many who enter eventually leave it to enter the service of a kingdom, in fact many kingdoms encourage thisbecause those from the Halls are the most skilled of mages. There are no rules against this, the sole dictum being that while within the Order all one's loyalties to clan, kingdom, in fact to anything but to the Order itself must be shed. Within the Halls there is neither race nor clan, age nor gender... there is only magic.

Governance: The Arcane is ruled by The Triumverate, three archmages, one of dark, one of neutrality and one of light, for it is only through this means that balance can be maintained. In all decisions dark and light shall first cast their vote. Neutrality, being the center of balance, shall only decide if the voice of dark and light are not one.

Worship: Magic-users worship no god but look favorably towards those who spread their magic throughout the land. Legends say Amaranth dragon of light is the source of goodly magic, while Adreinn is the source of dark wizardry. Neutral mages look upon Kharra, goddess of the winds, who they believe takes magic from the bosom of Azhure to the Kythandria.

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