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Master of the Barbarians, Villian

The Legend: 
Like told before, in another story, Giz left his tribe as a young lizardman; seeking revenge for his father, who was driven insane by a powerful mage and killed by him. The only clue he had, was that his father mumbled something about a town called Byranth.

The door on the old tavern in Byranth was slammed open and an exhausted lizardman entered the room. A warrior with name Tietan, took care of the outworn lizardman, and gave him gold to get some food and a piece of equipment. When Giz first arived Byranth, his heart was pure and his mind was clear; he was only after to revenge his father. He wouldn't hurt an innocent creature. But as the time went on with the wars and the killing in the street it was difficult. Even if he was good lizard, he made enemies. Allied with Tietan, Cassius, Lejes, they decided to go up against the Council of Byranth. For the first time in his life, he actually drew blood. It was then, like the blitz from a clear heaven roof, he actually enjoyed to see the blood pump out from the leather wounds of his enemies. Splitting a humanoids skull was the best thing he could do, so he decided to put his past very far behind himself. And he turned out to be a pure killing machine! Not a day went without he was cowered with blood or guts. And with the instinct from his tribal blood, he became one of the best fighters in the realm.

Time went, and Giz was starting to forget what he actually was doing there. Not that it bothered him, because with his new lifestyle, nothing could bother him. But one day, in the darkest woods east of Byranth, a cloak covered shadow appeared. Giz felt the chill down his back, because something with that creature was familiar. The axe in his hand, made Giz sure what it was, cause that shiny diamond axe was his family axe! What was stolen from his father when he was defeated by the mage. Giz felt a heating rage and anger was building up inside him, and without thinking he threw his sword toward the dark shape. After a long a bloody combat, a bloody humanoid shape walked slowly out from the thick mist, with a huge axe in his hand. With a slithering tongue and a broad smile, Giz had finally done what he was there for.

It was this time Giz left the town and the area, back to his tribe. What happened there, no one knows.

But suddenly after 5 years in the unknown, a rumor said that the Giz the Barbarian was back. And it showed out, that the rumor was true. Giz was back!

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