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He believed that his tribe was burned town by the Gods and now he wanted revenge more than ever! The shaman in his tribe mentioned something about an ultimate weapon before he died from the wounds after the disaster in the tribe. And that weapon, he was going to find anyway price or lives! In this stage of Giz`s life he was training so hard to be strong, he was slaying dragons, vampires and other fearless monsters. He became strong quickly. And one day, his training was rewarded. The god Rakath stood suddenly before him, grinning evilly. Why Rakath came to Giz is not known, but maybe it was because he knew his lust for vengeance and blood. But either way Rakath told Giz about the truth of the ultimate weapon, which actually had the powers to kill a God!

This made Giz insane, some say that his eyes became glowing red and other say spikes started growing out from his skin, so driven was by the greed to get that weapon. He was told how to gather the pieces and how they looked. The first piece was easy, he found it early which spurred on his greed and bloodlust. Then one day, he found the other piece. The wearer was a very noble and strong knight. The discussion was quick, he gathered one of his most trusted friend, Takka, to help him destroy that man, anyway cost. The plan went perfect, the fool died and Giz had the last item he needed. But it was not over, because a little child who was talking with the knight, thought she was going to be a hero. So he took the gem right before Giz`s eyes. So Giz just punched that child in the chest, and ripped out her heart, and took the piece. Now he had the pieces, he only had to wait for Rakath to come back and forge the pieces to the weapon. So did happen, but the weapon only gained its true power before he entered Rakath's plane. After a long quest, he finally found a rune master who made a portal to the other world.

As Rakath said, the weapon did evolve. Out from the old one, a new huge axe came in sight. The axe wasn't even cold when Rakath showed up before Giz and told him the truth. He was using Giz because only mortal hands could find the pieces of the sword. Rakath was planning to use it to kill all the other gods and take over the world. Giz didn't care about who ruled the world, but he got so mad because the god stole his axe, that he attacked Rakath. And with the speed of a tiger he snapped the axe and jumped trough the portal back to the normal world. When he did that, the axe crumbled to dust, because the powers was only true with the realm of the gods!

Filled with anger, Giz went back to the town and told the story to his friends. Against his will, he became a hero! He had actually saved the realm from Rakath's greed! After this Giz went crazy, he claimed himself as a god and thought he was the supreme humanoid... Now... he is out there, walking around, slaying those who fail to respect him. They say he drinks blood from unicorns and slay children because their hearts are so pure.

The tale of an unlikely hero and a true villain!

Note: As submitted by the player

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