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The Redeemed Paladin, Amaranth's Chosen, Hero of Tristan's Keep

The Legend: 

Mortals. What use are these miserable creatures? They bleed too easily, they are barely born before they die, wasting their miserable lives in a series of affairs, with conflicting emotions arising from their very futility controlling them. Most live a senseless life, and die a forgotten death... Some however, shall live the life of a hero, and will be sung for many years after their death.

Perhaps Daos, in his eternal wisdom, saw fit to give mortals a tinge of the immortal. Like a drop of water in the sea, it does little, but sometimes, that very drop can effect the entire sea, making it calm...or deadly. One such man, is Dumax Alderthal.

Dumax was born to a small farming family in the town of Brassneck, south of Avenland. The only thing worthwhile to note of his family history was that he came from a lineage of clerics of Amaranth. Since Garreant the Lion, they have worshipped her. Father to son. For such worship, she has granted them the amber eyes. Eyes the colour of the golden Dragon.

Though Dumax was thought of to become a cleric, and aid his father with his tasks in the temple, a set of events lead him to become a paladin. Soon, his heart yearned for journey, and he came to Byranth. A simple paladin, with only leather armour to protect him from the evil which he sought to slay.

The days passed, and with them, Dumax grew in power, the leather armour became birgandine, and the birgandine turned to metal. Soon, Dumax's fame as a paladin in the harsh lands surrounding Byranth grew, and with them, grew his pride.

Alas for the paladin, for he grew too proud to follow the paths of Amaranth with the blind faith he came with. He believed the world was his to rule, and all were to bow before his goddess, else they faced death. This strain of thought, along with a series of very unchivalrous events, led to his fall.

Upon a cursed day, he became a servant of Adreinn, all that Amaranth was not. Given a sword of power, and a thirst for blood, he went upon his ways, killing senselessely, making enemies faster than he made allies. The temporary death of the Queen of Herald, Tressa Luam, was attributed to him. Most claimed that he shall soon become Adreinn's chosen, and that the wrath of Adreinn shall fester in Byranth for as long as Dumax lived. And that was to be, if not for...

Jazryth. Goddess of Desire. For some reason, unknown to even Dumax, she seemed to watch him closely, and helped him many times over the years. Soon, Dumax grew tired of Adreinn's cruel rule upon him, and decided to return to the Light.

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