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Alas, were it so simple. Adreinn is as wise as he is cunning, and marked Dumax with his cursed insignia. Like an unwitting drunk who believes the liquor he drank would protect him from any harm, Dumax believed the Goddess will welcome him with open arms.... It was not to be so, and hope seemed to leave Dumax.

Many years passed, and Dumax's attempt at redemption seemed futile. Time after time, he proved himself as one of the righteous, but to what use? He shall never be free of the curse placed upon him. Accepted not in the heavens, and untrusted by the hells, he walked a strange path. What was to become of him? Dumax used to think. Will he ever honour his vows and return to the light. Soon, after Dumax almost lost all hope, a chance arose where there was none. Sam, the old kind healer who had died so valiantly by the hands of the vampires that once plagued Byranth, came to him from the lands of the dead, and asked of him one task... Redeem my lord Tristan, the fallen keeper of the Chalice, and return the Chalice to it's rightful owner.

After an eternity of scouting, Dumax found the abandoned keep, long in disrepair, home to the undead and the restless souls. After many weeks of searching, he found the lord, hidden within the catacombs, still set upon protecting the Chalice, but this time, for the use of the Dark gods.

A moment of prayer was all it took, and suddenly, a great beam of white light fell upon Dumax. An observer might have seen a transparent spirit going down from the sky, and entering him. All that is known, is that in that moment, Dumax became the righteous hand of the Divine. His polearm sang the song of battle, as it fell upon the minions of the undead. Destroying lord Tristan's corporeal form, Dumax entered the final chamber. The place where the Chalice of faith has been kept for more than 800 years.

Not even I know what happened in that room. Dumax seemed to have convinced the fallen lord of the keep to redeem himself, and in that act, he saved his own soul. Becoming once more the chosen of Amaranth....

...Does that perhaps show the true power of the paladin? Or perhaps it sheds light upon the some hidden fact that is little known in mortals? Or perhaps tis the tinge of the immortal that helped him complete this great deed. Again, I fail to reach enlightment....

Tis interesting. Even though many tell him he is a hero, he always repeats one sentence...

"I am Dumax Alderthal.... the paladin."

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