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The Orc


The orc is a race which inspires intense feelings in other species… mostly fear, hate and anger. Their history is one of the darkest among all the races, comparable to the fall of the dark celestines or the corruption of the minotaur. They will not willingly discuss their past, though rumour has it they are distant kin to the elves (such inquiry made to either the elves or the orcs however, will likely result in the loss of a limb).

The orc stands hunched and massive, with a rippling upper torso and a strong thick lower body. Their face is distinctly humanoid though twisted by an overlarge jaw and large prominent canines. Their noses are flat like the snout of pigs and their eyes are large and sunken, either dull or burning with a fierce brutish rage. Their skin is thick and warty, matted with patches of rough fur. Their ears, strangely enough, are delicately pointed, almost like elven ears.

Most notable about the orcs in their legendary strength and their uncanny skills as warriors. They are tough enough to cleave an opponent in one blow and survive a similar strike. When angry they lose any remnance of civility and turn into slavering beasts making them fearsome foes indeed.

To their annoyance they can never retain the amount of concentration needed for any kind of study, nor do they have sufficient intelligence to understand anything more than the simplest of texts.

Orcs are tribal in nature and follow a strict chain of command. The word of the Warlord is law and the penalty for disobedience is death. The penalty for surrender, losing in combat, in fact the penalty for almost any infraction is death. Needless to say, only the strongest and most disciplined orcs survive.

They live in the harshest of landscapes and the darkest of caves both to hide themselves from the judging eyes of others and to prove their continuing strength to themselves and the land.

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