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The Mountain-dwarf


Mountain dwarves are a reclusive race, seldom seen outside the deep caves that hold their great city. Unlike their hill-dwarf cousins mountain dwarves have almost no contact with the other races of Kythandria, barely tolerating the hill dwarves inside their great cavernous cities. Mountain dwarves seem to dislike most of the races, but a special hatred seems to be held for both the drow and the duergar, though the reason for this hatred is only rumored. Mountain dwarves are the uncontested kings of metalwork, and the arms and armor made in their secret cities are some of the most coveted pieces of workmanship in all of Kythandria.

Mountain dwarves are well known for their stout warriors, who give ground in combat against only the greatest of foes. Dwarven magic-users, however, are quite unknown. Due to their short legs mountain dwarves are not very limber or quick, though they are built extraordinarily well for their size, and can best many a taller being in a fight.

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