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The Goblin


Goblins are small humanoids, growing to a height of about four feet tall. They have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths, and small sharp fangs. Though they walk upright, their arms hang down to their knees. Their dull, glazed eyes range in color from bright red to gleaming yellow. Their speech is harsh and high pitched.

They are often described as conniving cowards, with evil minds and greedy hands. They avoid direct confrontations whenever possible, preferring an ambush to a fight. Their strategies however remain simple and crude, the lack of intelligence being the burden. Afraid of magic they remain vulnerable to it, another weakness of this race.

Goblins live in dark caves and dismal underground dwellings. They only come above ground at night or on dark, cloudy days. Goblins and their lairs carry a foul stench. Their most disgusting habit however is their repast. They do not eat much, but they eat almost anything. Rats, snakes, humans, and other humanoids make up the bulk of their diets. When food is scarce, they will even eat carrion. The tribes share large common areas which are set aside for eating and sleeping.

Each tribe has an exact pecking order, and every goblin knows his exact place in it. The way to move up the social ladder is through battle, and goblins constantly fight among themselves to improve their station in life.

They hate and are hated by most other humanoid races, especially gnomes and dwarves. The goblin belief that they are the true rulers of the earth does little to increase their popularity.

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