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The Gnoll

This race of northerners is clearly defined by their menacing appearance. Bearing strong ties to canines, the gnoll are well known on battle fields. Although their origins are lost in the sands of time, it is known that some magical force was involved in the early days of the gnoll. Their northern climate suits the cold resistant gnoll very well. Thick pelts of fur help to keep them warm in places no other race would think of living.

Aside from that natural defense, gnolls are also known for their ability to shrug off diseases that would cripple weaker beings. As if this assortment of physical prowess was not enough reason to leave a gnoll well enough alone, they also are unthinkably tough. Blows from blunt objects are no more than minor annoyances to your average gnoll. On the other hand, gnolls don't have much patience or talent to deal with magic or other mental abilities.

Gnolls are practically born with fighting abilities. From early age, they learn, by themselves, to handle spears and polearms, and to bash their enemies to the ground. It is part of their way of fighting to go berserk.

Because of their natural affinity to battle, most gnolls can be found enlisted as mercenaries or conscripted as soldiers. Gnoll speak their own harsh and snarling language that is unmistakable for anything but gnoll-speak. Gnolls tend to stay among their own kind. Whether this is due to their language barriers, their behaviour or the simple fact that nobody else wants them near remains a mystery.

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