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The Drow

The drow are similar in physical build to elves. Unlike land elves however, drow have black skin and red eyes, with hair color usually white or varying shades of grey. Being a sub-terranian race, they posses infravision which aids in darkness but makes it difficult to see in the daytime

The drow believe that they and not the elves are the true first children and thus it is their duty to subjugate all other races. The drow's disdain is the reason behind their cold demeanor to all other races to whom the drow feel are inferior, this emotion is accompanied by cruelty for which the drow are well known. They consider their elven-kin their only equals and thus, the only real threat to their dominance. Their feelings for their kin range from cold hatred, envy and a secret twisted desire to be accepted, feelings that stemmed from some event that took places thousands of years ago, an event known by all but never spoken off. Subjugation is not the drow's solution to their hated cousins, only extermination will provide ultimate satisfaction.

Drow society is primarily matriarchal, with the females heading each House and almost always trained as priests to some god. The males are typically trained as either warriors or thieves, but magical aptitude is also relatively common among the males as well. Each house is headed by the Matron Mother.

The drow, like elves, are quick, agile and blessed powerful mental abilities. Similar to their kin their countenance is delicate and even a full trained drow cannot take as many blows as a normal human. Being children of shadow they are naturally adept at hiding and sneaking. This affinity to cloak themselves in shadow has also made them resistant to most form of magical attack They are reasonable if delicate warriors with an affinity for magic. Their greatest weakness, logically, is light in all its forms.

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