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The Draconian


Little is known about the race called the draconian. Bards speak of an ancient legend about a human and dragon falling in love and later being destroyed for that love. Their offspring became the first draconian children. It is said that because of their dark past they bear a deep suspicion and even hatred for many of the other races. They seek constant approval from dragonkind, approval they will never have. Good dragons look upon them with only pity and for the dragons of evil they are nothing more than a toy or a snack like any other race.

They escape the turmoil of their existence through war. Their resistance to the elements and their ability to fly are a heritage of their dragon ancestors as is their leathery skin, snout filled sharp teeth, claws, long tail and unnatural endurance. This combination makes them fearsome to look upon as well.

They have a strict society with rigid laws, hoping perhaps that this will one day lead them to becoming worthy of being called dragon, in fact calling a draconian dragon-kin is the highest compliment you can pay to him or her. It is said that the draconian race once spoke a smattering of archaic, the language of both the dragons and the gods, but it was lost in time. Now they can speak only common, a source of bitterness for the race.

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