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The Avian


This race of bird-like beings is noted for their superb mental abilities. Avians tend to find their lot in life to fall along the path of mages, clerics and druids. Aside from their affinity for magic, avians also possess several extra abilities that set them apart from other races.

As their name would imply, all avians have a fully grown set of wings that allow them to move across the land with little effort on their part. Avians have feathers covering their bodies, as well as a beak and tails. In one thing, though, they differ from common birds. They have an extra set of members, arms, with bird-like hands.

Their ties to the divine have allowed them to see invisible beings as well. In physical terms, avians are almost completely superior to humans. These benefits come at a price however. Light boned avians tend to suffer greatly in physical combat. Avians are not very sturdy, as such a well placed blow with a blunt weapon is likely to kill most avians easily.

As a race, avians tend to form tight groups in their mountain aeries. They often come down to meet and talk to other races in the attempt to broaden their already impressive knowledge of the world around them. And to do some business also. Avians are the main merchants of Kythandria. All treaties of some importance have an avian signature also.

Avians speak in their own musical language that seems very confusing to those that do not know it.

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