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The drums of war beat steadily nearby and this child threatened our very existence. I had no choice but to accept the mission -- to not do so would have been treason. Besides, was I not bringing the child bliss by ending its life and sparing it from the wretchedness of the world?

I shall retire now, rest these aged bones. But in parting let me say this, I have completed this mission in the eyes of Six, a mission that cost many lives. However one life was spared and it is my deepest hope that this life, in turn, will save us all.

Day of Deception
The Month of the Winter Storm
1230 AK

Where did I end? Ah yes, the mission….

I had to work with more speed than usual, since time itself was against me. The prophecy would not wait. I decided the easiest way was through a simple distraction. It took several days and several bribes, but I was finally able to sneak into the kitchen where the slaves' meals were prepared. Once inside, I acted like any other disdainful drow master. I barked commands and threats, sneering at the creatures -- the orcs, goblins and kobolds. As the terrified slaves kept their eyes from my own, I poured several vials of Terlinyia, a violent hallucinogen, into the vats of food being prepared for that day. The plan was set, I would make my attack shortly after the midday meal.

It is fairly easy to blend into the chaos of a slave's revolt, especially when four hundred fever-crazed slaves have lost control. No drow will question you when your sword is freely hacking through his aggressors.

With every available fighter, magician and priestess fighting the uprising, completing my mission was like sucking the juice from an insect caught and wrapped in the web. No one was left to guard the child but two terrified nursemaids. They died quickly. Stepping over the bodies, I approached the crib.

Then something happened… perhaps it was the prophecy… perhaps it was the smile of this child, I do not know. All I know is that as I neared the crib the child, too young to even sit up, stood, reached through the slats and touched me. It smiled and giggled a little, cooing his pleasure at the color of my robe. Children have never meant anything to me. I have watched my own grow up and die in this battle or another… but this child was different. For the first time in two millennia I felt the stirrings of pity… and hope. Not understanding my own actions I wrapped the child in a blanket, slipped him gently into my shoulder pack and made my way out. I encountered no drow resistance, only a handful of slaves which I easily dispatched into bliss.

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