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Kathrynia, the mrem

Kat purred softly and curled comfortably around the fire. Remembering her mother's advice, she coyly tucked her tail safely away from the dancing flames. She purred again, ever so softly, feeling lost and alone, she looked around the temple with large cat-eyes.

Its been a month since she last saw her family. They were on the way to Keratch when she lost them. She kicked herself for the umpteenth time. She knew she should not have chased after that elusive butterfly, leaving her family behind. But it was such a pretty butterfly. And it smelled strangely of melted butter! It was too much for a curious kitten to bear, and Kat chased the butterfly for miles, before she suddenly realized she was lost.

Tears welled up in her blue eyes, as Kat tried to find a familiar face amongst the strangers in the temple. She purred again, sadly. Perhaps to an untrained ear, all purrs seem the same. But to another mrem, a sad purr is as different to a happy purr like a sob to a giggle.

A soft purr whispered in her ear. Kat looked up, startled, for she did not even notice anyone next to her. A shadowy mrem with a sombre ring around his tail smiled and offered his paw to her.

She reached out and took it, following the mrem to a Pawn Shop. He then sneaked through a small door, taking Kat with him.

Blinking, her cat-eyes adjusted almost immediately to the darkness of the room. The room was dark, lit only by four candles: one in each corner. The walls, floor and ceiling were made from paneled wood shining with a thick glaze. An instructor slipped in and out of the shadows showing students how to sneak and steal. Targets and straw dummies hung on the walls covered with embedded daggers in vital areas.

"Learn all you can, dear Kat." the shadowy mrem said. "Learn to take care of yourself. They are the best you can learn from."

Kat nodded slowly, afterall, what else could she do? She was alone, lost and but a kitten. And now, she had found a friend and a teacher.

Within days, she was a languid sleek female mrem. Her fur is midnight blue and neatly groomed, with a small patch of white just at tip of her left back paw.She moves around slowly, her large blue eyes wide open and sharp ears twitching ever so slightly. Completely relaxed and always at ease, her long limbs are slightly muscled. Her face is pleasant (for a mrem), with a small triangular black nose above a mouth perpetually curled into a grin. Tiny white fangs peek out from her lips, giving her an almost sinister look. Almost, if she did not grin as much as she does. She smells slightly of catnip.

She was now a lithe young female mrem with midnight blue fur.

Now to find her family.

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