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Gisella, the sylph

A small wooden door in the tree trunk opened, and a tiny little sylph was thrown out unceremoniously. The wooden door slammed shut, and from behind it a tiny female voice yelled, 'And stay out, hon!'

Ella giggled slightly as she picked herself up from the floor, rubbing her back. 'Alright mother, I love you!' she yelled back, still giggling.

She peered around the huge tree branch she landed on, then sat on it almost impetously. A smile lit up her tiny face as she leaned down from her branch. A trade caravan was passing through. Full of fun things to look at, exciting things to buy and trade, stories to be heard, and most of

'Oh...,' she giggled to herself, while leering at one of the guards who rode with the caravan, 'There goes a fine specimen..a fine specimen indeed.'

Stretching out her pretty wings behind her, Ella fluffed out her hair, and licked her lips. She stood up on the branch and dived neatly onto the guard as he rode directly below her.

Landing right in the arms of the guard, she looked up with her glorious blue eyes and directed the full force of her smile at him. Of course, the guard was startled, but almost immediately, he was drawn towards the charms of the sylph in his arms.

Ella snuggled up on his chest and whispered to him, 'Forget the caraven, I know a perfect little waterfall just behind that hill there..You can help me scrub my back.' She wrapped her arms around his neck, and smiled at him again, this time letting her translucent robe fall slightly off her shoulder.

He did not even stop to ponder his luck, without looking back at the caraven, he rode off with Ella still wrapped around him, already removing parts of his armour.

Ella giggled again, and crossed her tiny fingers. The guard might be her first, but he definately won't be her last.

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