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Ahhh, the sea. From it we come, and to it we return. That immortal creature, more beautiful and more deadlier than the fairest of my brethren, the silver elves. My love, 6 centuries of romance to the sea. My food, my shelter, my defense. I come from the distant lands to the north, where the seas still hold much worthy of exploration. Not even the Elder's knew how we became seperated from our brethren, and how we came to this island. Some say a prophet led his followers to it, others claim that when our fleets sailed the seas, a storm seperated one ship, and it happened to land here. No one knows the truth, and maybe that is better.

The island, named Khalithia, after our god, is a fertile land. Massive it is, and we are the only race that lived there, us and the animals. Gelendor, my great grandfather, was said to be one of the first to claim this land as ours, and to build his home here. Thus, it came to be that I was born to Galena, and Delmiron, of house Galendor.

Mine was a happy childhood, one filled with happiness and love. Being born of nobility does have it's uses. I was taught how to read and write from an early age. Even when I was but a young elf, I was entranced with words. Words of power. You see, ours was a city where great mages were born. Ancient scrolls, holding arcane lore known to few, were readily available. In this land of words, how could one not be vain? Proud? Deadly....

I grew, and with me, grew my powers. Already blessed with the casting before anyone else, I held powers which were rivaled by none other than the elders. Some said that I held the sign of Gelendor. For he too, was a great mage. Always by my side in those days, was one of my dearest friends, Aluadin, from the house of Alos. Ahh, those were the days. The innocent hurling of sorceries at each other. The constant random magics we would cast, changing everyone's gender, and laughing when a wise elder, with finely pointed ears, and greying hair would speak with the voice of a woman. Even then, Aluadin was the one who always got in trouble. For me, being thought of as holding the sign of Gelendor, would not be punished by any except my father.

Still, Aluadin did not heed his mother's words and would always play with me. We grew as the towns troublemakers, one noble, the other not so noble.

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