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History Requirements:

Histories have basic requirements that should be followed.

1.Length of History  - A decent history should be about 30 lines, roughly 400+ words.

2. Personality  - Define your character's personality. Go deeper than alignments, add idiosyncrasies, quirks, and the kind.

3. Goal  - Your character must have a life goal, everyone does. It may be simple or complex, but he/she must have a reason to live. Revenge as a character's only goal should be avoided, since that is a short-termed goal, and usually a side one.

4. Interests  - Work out your character's interests. Think of hobbies, work, and what else he/she does in life apart from killing mobs. Do not kill your character of boredom by keeping him studying spells and skills non-stop all his life.

5. Race and Class  - You should be familiar your race and class, and a few tales surrounding them.

6.Residence of Origin  - You can choose one of the main cities (help cities) of Kythandria, or think of a small village, which you can name as you seem fit. Unless there is a valid reason otherwise, your character has a home, a place he/she came from.

7.Starting Location  - Remember you begin at level 1, in a town (Byranth or Keratch). Find a good explanation for that, and keep in mind that it is impossible for your character to be the most powerful mage among elves.

8.Grammar  - Grammar is not a requirement, and you need not be a great writer

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