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Clan Commands

Add           (player)
Promote    (player)
Demote     (player)
Outcast    (player)
Seek         (  clan   )

1.Add - In order to add a player to your clan you must have the authority to do so. Also, that player must currently be "seeking" your clan and have been letgained.

2.Promote - Promoting a player will increase their rank by one. You cannot promote someone any higher then one rank below you. Demoting a player will decrease their rank by one.

3.Demote - To Demote a player will decrease their rank by one. You can only demote players that are lower in rank then you.

4.Outcast - To outcast a player requires authority and will remove them from your clan.

5.Seek - To seek to join a clan, type seek (clanname) and hopefully they will notice you.

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