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Mud Statistics

Game World Information

Area Count: = 239
Unique Room count = 11428
Shop count = 258
Inn count = 0
Unique Mobile count = 3522
Mobile inuse count = 5952
Mobprog count = 2291
Unique Object count = 7382
Help Entries count = 1545
Social count = 248

Mud Information

The mud is based on:
Diku by Hans, Katya, Tom, Michael and Sebastian
Merc 2.1 by Hatchet, Furey and Kahn
Rom 2.4 (c)1993-1996 by Russ
Oblivion 2.0 (c)1996-1997
by Wes Wagner
Dawn of Time v1.7
(c)1997-2000 by Michael Garratt

Server Information

The mud is running from
Telnet connections on port 5678.
OnLine Creation port at 5670.
IRC DCC chat connections are on port 5680.
Integrated webserver connections are on port 5679.
MudFtp connections are on port17040.

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