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Human Kingdom

The humans have conquered the very center of Kythandria and have lived within it, establishing a splendid kingdom that is both powerful and densly populated. Though Herald Castle was once abandoned due to the inhabitation of Avenland by the Dark God of Nightmare, the return of the One King ended the blood feuds in the land and brought back peace and prosperity that marked the Kingdom.


Ruler: The kingdom is ruled by the One King, the true heir of Gerraent the Lion, the first King to rule Avenland, anointed by the gods.

Nobility: The greater kingdom of Avenland is a traditional Arthurian kingdom which has a strict system of knighthood and honor. Vassals of the king are nobility and granted a seat of honor in his war room where they gather once a month to discuss matters of state.

Vassalage: Human rulers are preferred though the kingdom may welcome into its ranks other rulers who have proven their loyalty to the kingdom by some great deed or who have inherited the position by birth. Simply, there is little discrimination by race in the human kingdom.

Titles: The nobility in the human kingdom is as follows:

High King King of all Avenland
Tieyrn Clan leader
Diuic Duke, noble below the Tieyrn
Barran Baron, noble below the Diuic
Triath Lord, noble below Barran
Squire Lowest of the nobility

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