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The Wizard, Prince of Avenland, Husband to the Queen

The Legend: 
How a mere half elven slave turned into one of the greatest mages of Kythandria is a curious story. The bastard son of Calil-Gambor was sold at the age of five to serve a landlord not far from the forest in which he was raised. It all begun with a mere coincidence as the young Zei found his way into the mages study. He conjured a fireball simply by chance and caught the wizards eye. An elven slave in a castle full of humans should be happy if he even learned how to read. Zei was lucky enough to learn the basics of Arcane.

Coming to Byranth proved to be the beginning of an endless adventure. He was young at the time, a mere brat in the eyes of elves and a young vandal to humans. As he grew older he learned more and more of the Arcane, and as his powers grew stronger, so did his ego. As many other young people he thought of himself to be immortal and unstoppable. To teach a neglected slave to cause mayhem and flaming chaos is like handing a raged orc an axe.

The young scholar caused much trouble for others. Randomly claiming retribution for the pain and suffering others caused him, zero tolerance for disdain and constantly demanding respect and attention. His soul and heart was as black and cold as the depths of the Abyss. Countless felt his wrath, both deserving and innocents suffered.

Times changed and a single person made such an impression on Zei. He had no choice but to start listening to his heart. It took many years and at first he thought of it as a weakness, something that made him vulnerable. But this woman who he later married changed his ways, even though he refuses to admit it.

His life later took an even more unexpected turn when he through his marriage became the Prince of Herald. As his daughter was born the raging fury within grew weaker.

Cursed by the gods, blessed by others the unlikely mage overcame the final obstacle almost fifteen years after he arrived to Byranth and became a powerful mage. He was granted the spell of Mindspeak by the Gods.

After many more or less random occurrences the once brightly burning fire of hatred within was worn out and at its place a peaceful calm was born. The troubles of his past have truly been put in the past after being granted a second chance to turn things around.

A once so troublesome youth ended up in the most unlikely of adventures and turned into a master of the Arcane, and royalty at that. He doesn't think of himself as a typical hero, but even though he chose the wrong path at the beginning, he learned from his mistakes and did what he could do set things right."

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