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The Goblin

The Legend: 
From the age of 17, Takka grew up primarily in Byranth, save for a brief stay in the troll den found east of the city, and the occasional night spent in Keratch. Mostly a friendly goblin, he avoids conflict when he can, but will not hesitate to eliminate a target if he feels at all threatened.

Strike first, and strike quick he always said. Taking his training very seriously, he is believed by many to be an authority on the activities vampires, and he, himself, believes that he was born to be the greatest vampire hunter in the realm.

Recent to his fabled "Quest of the hundred knives" a particular vampire bat decided that it would follow him, plaguing him with a sense of awareness of his own frailty if he were to let his guard down. His quest began when one dwarven apprentice asked for his assistance in attaining these 100 knives, in order to produce a prototype of the perfect dagger. Takka, not truly knowing what a "prototype" was, decided to help the dwarf anyway, because it sounded like it should be powerful if it requires 100 knives to make.

He succeeded in his quest and gained for himself both accolade and a mighty reward. He now travels the land following wherever his goblin heart leads. His fame has spread and he has become known as a hero, a rather questionable hero true, but a hero nonethless....

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