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Knight of Flame, Hero of Avenland

The Legend: 
Lord Maleer is indeed a strange one in the mix. He was much like his forefather before him in ages past, the first ruby knight and Tieyrn of Clan Jaguar."

The first knight of flame entered King Gerraent's life when he saved the King from drowning. The king saw good in him and asked him to join his court. Like his great grandson, the Tieyrn was a wily mrem, known for his quick wit and charming demeanor. He was a scoundrel, a thief and fiercely loyal to the king."

But what of the new knight of flame, Maleer?

Truth be told, many were afraid he was not molded from the same cloth as his sire was.

From the beginning the knight of flame made no pretence about his intentions, in fact he reveled in being the dark horse amidst the white knights. He made clear that he was an assassin and a thief and naught more. In fact to fight for Avenland, the entire town of Byranth had to empty their pockets and pay him the amount he asked."

Yet time and again he fought for the light when he could have stood back and done nothing.

Lord Maleer retrieved parts of the sword when they were stolen from the paladin Dumax who was destined to forge them. He used his quick wit and sharp reflexes for good instead of evil and in the end he fought the darkness that threatened Avenland.

Thus the question remains unanswered... perhaps for all eternity, was it that darkness about him weaved around like shadows upon the light? Or was it the light that pierced the darkness where the shadows once lay?

But now all is done and come what may Lord Maleer will always be remembered for his courage, bravery and risking his life to save Kythandria…he will be remembered as a hero.

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