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Knight of Acid, Hero of Avenland:

There is little to tell by way of a tale of the knight of acid for his true worth lies not in his actions but in his wisdom.

Lord Lejes is descended from the Eagle Clan, many generations of watchers and teachers. Their gift to Avenland was not the fire of battle but the cool waters of peace. Long have their kind wandered the great forests bringing back to Avenland tales of far off places and the wonders of Azhure.

His forefather, Tieyrn of the Eagle Clan was the voice of temperance, the one counseled the hot-headed Gaerrant from foolishness and helped him seek patience and calm in the midst of crisis. His great grandson and the present emerald knight, Lord Lejes is a survivor of tragedy and inner struggles. Like his forefather before him, he learned that some of the most important battles happen not on the battlefield, but in the hearts , minds, and souls of all people.

After his battle with the evils that resided in Herald, he has returned to the true calling of his heart, wandering the land, laying evil low and searching for inner peace. When not traveling he can be found in Byranth telling jokes and anecdotes with friends and acquaintances. He is said to enjoy archery, painting, leatherwork, reading, and carpentry. He has also known, strangely enough, to have a love for women and light alcoholic beverages. Ever the man of fine art, he can be found in libraries, museums, and in attendance at plays and dances.

Despite his mild demeanour however he has the soul of a warrior. It shall always be remembered that he struck the final, fatal blow that felled the mighty Ash tree; the terrible gift that stood between the freedom of Avenland and the triumph of the Nightmare Lord.

He stands as one who has both the fraility of a mortal and the essence of a hero.

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