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Knight of Ice, Hero of Avenland

The Legend: 
Tieyrn Kiro, is, strangely enough, the only human of the three heroes of Avenland, the human kingdom. A warrior in the truest sense, life and death are the only things he truly understands, know however that his sword is compassionate and giving. T'is said that he often looked death in eye in order to protect the weaker. The young sapphire knight is the very essence of his sire, the first Tieyrn of the Bear Clan. It is said that of all the three advisers, King Gerraent and the Lord Kiro's fore sire shared the closest bond.

Also according to legend, Gerraent the Lion and the Kiro fore sire were friends from birth. They had the same milk-mother, hunted together as children, trained together as warriors. It is written in the old scrolls that the Tieyrn of the Jaguar Clan was Gerraent's eyes and ears and the Tieyrn of the Eagle Clan was his guide. But it was the Tieyrn of the Bear Clan, the first knight of ice who was Gerraent's true comrade in arms.

The present sapphire knight was born with less fanfare true but with the same proud heart. Lord Kiro was born of a miner father in a land south of Keratch. Though his birth held no portent of what was to come, it is said a single star burned bright blue the night of his birth.

From his childhood Lord Kiro was a warrior, getting into fist fights with boys twice his age and girth. The loss of his mother was said to trouble him sorely but brought him close to his father who taught him the rudiments of battle. However it was his desire for adventure that eventually led him to Byranth and to the destiny that awaited him.

That destiny lead him to the young Gareth, Avenland's King. The bond of the past must have been strong indeed for it was the sapphire stone that first burned in Gareth's hand, announcing one of the knights was near. During the battle, King and Knight fought side by side, Lord Kiro thinking nothing of his own safety in trying to protect the King. His sire of the old days would have been proud.

A legend himself now Tieyrn Kiro of the Bear Clan, is a mighty warrior and a true hero.

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